Job Update from Data Cabling Installations

We’ve been busy with some exciting projects lately:

  • Kent: Urgent installation of a twin socket in a care home to relocate a printer during an office move.
  • West London: Completed 2 x 140-metre fibre runs from the main building’s comms cabinet to two external buildings in a large Catholic care home site. This challenging job involved underground work, duct installation, and routing cables at triple ladder height through each building to the respective comms cabinets.
  • Norfolk: Began a major project installing 150 x cables, cabinets, CCTV, and WiFi in a new care home. This extensive project will take up to 6 months to complete, with our team working on and off-site as the work progresses.
  • Berkshire: Investigated and fixed fibre faults in a theatre.
  • Upcoming Projects: Awaiting orders to start work in warehouse and distribution sites in Glasgow and Edinburgh. We’re also planning a series of WiFi surveys in the East of England and a care home cabling and WiFi installation in South London as well as many minor one and two day installations.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to deliver top-notch cabling solutions across the UK!

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