Recent Job Updates at Data Cabling Installations

At Data Cabling Installations, we pride ourselves on our swift response and high-quality service. Here’s a look at some of our recent projects that showcase our commitment and expertise:

Emergency Call in Shropshire: Last Friday, we received an urgent call at noon to connect four IP phones at a care home in Shropshire. By 3 PM, our engineer was on-site, tackling a challenging comms room setup. Despite the lack of proper labelling on sockets, patch panels and switches, our engineer worked diligently until 9 PM to trace and connect all necessary sockets and cables and liven up the handsets . This job highlighted a common issue we encounter: comms rooms often need complete tidying, re-labeling, and re-patching to ensure optimal functionality.

Major Installation in Edinburgh: We’re assisting a security company from the north-east with a significant cabling and CCTV camera installation in Edinburgh. This project involves high-level work using scissor lifts, installing and terminating Cat5e cables and fibre links, and mounting the cameras. We’re scheduled to return soon for another week to complete the initial phase, with more phases and buildings to follow.

Tamworth Project: Two of our skilled engineers spent two weeks in Tamworth, installing Cat5e and CCTV cameras for a CCTV installer. Their expertise ensured a seamless and efficient setup.

Hotel Installations in Wolverhampton, Cheshire, and Telford: Our team successfully installed Cat6 cables and WiFi Access Points in each of three hotels across Wolverhampton, Cheshire, and Telford on behalf of a midlands based comms provider.

Paxton Access Control in West London: We investigated and fixed issues with two doors fitted with Paxton access control systems in a store in Westfield Shopping Centre, West London, ensuring they are now functioning perfectly.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to deliver top-notch cabling solutions across the UK!

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