We continue to be busy at Data Cabling Installations

From beautiful Norfolk to the bustling streets of London, we’ve been hard at work bringing seamless connectivity to various locations across the UK.

Here’s a glimpse into some of our latest projects:

  • In Sheringham, Norfolk, we meticulously labelled, terminated, and tested 90 Cat6 cables in a newly built care home that had been installed by the electrical contractors, ensuring reliable connections throughout the home.
  • Two care homes in Devon that can not yet receive fibre broadband will shortly be equipped with Starlink satellite broadband giving them the fastest speeds achievable, thanks to our efficient installation services.
  • Over in St Albans, Hertfordshire, we seamlessly relocated existing Cat5e cables to accommodate an office reconfiguration, optimizing workspace efficiency.
  • A care home in Bushey, Hertfordshire, now boasts improved connectivity with the installation of 30 WiFi access points alongside some new Cat6 cables.
  • Schools in Essex and Glastonbury are now safer and smarter with our installations of Cat6 cabling for vape detectors and WiFi access points, respectively.
  • Our expert team resolved a connectivity issue at a film studio in Berkshire, where we identified and rectified faulty cabling feeding a door entry unit, ensuring smooth operations.
  • We’ve also been busy in Staffordshire, where we installed 25 Cat6 cables in each of two care homes, enhancing connectivity for residents and staff.

Stay tuned for upcoming projects in South Wales, Exeter, North London, Birmingham, Norfolk and many more locations! We’re dedicated to delivering top-notch solutions wherever they’re needed.

Got a project in mind? Let’s chat about how we can bring your connectivity vision to life! Reach out today to learn more.

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