Working with Orbiss Ltd

When we first contacted Data Cabling Installations it was at very short notice as we had an impending deadline opening date. Phil & Paul were friendly and helpful on the phone and were able to get to us at very short notice allowing us to open in a ‘first phase’ way for the planned bank holiday opening.

Following this install they liaised with us to ensure the we were happy and this has led to us to using them again on several occasions.

Since this time we have called Data Cabling installations on various occasions for other requirements and always had a very prompt and helpful service. Whether for phone or wireless systems I would not hesitate to contact Data Cabling installations as I am confident they would do everything within their power to help. Paul in particular is always very thorough and courteous and likes to ensure that we are kept informed and up-to-date of the situation and what is left to complete.

I would not hesitate to contact and speak to Data Cabling Installations about any installation requirements that we would have.

Jon Acheson
Logistics Manager, Orbiss Ltd

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