Simple Repair for damaged data cabling

Data Cabling Installations were recently asked to visit a large Independent school where two externally run data cables had been accidentally severed. The cable routes were complex and would have taken a couple of days for two engineers to trace and replace given the nature of the building with the cables running through several rooms and loft spaces with very limited access and mostly at height. Although we are more than happy to carry out such works with our engineers highly experienced at finding difficult routes in complex buildings, the cost was going to be relatively high.

As an alternative, we suggested to the client that we could use these Inline IP rated weatherproof couplers to make a simple and reliable connection. We have used these before in similar situations and found them to be perfectly reliable. A great product. Obviously installing cables without joins or switches in-between is always the preferred choice for optimum performance but sometimes cost or speed dictates that these couplers provide a great alternative.

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