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Fibre optic cabling is suitable for large sites and campuses and particularly for linking multiple cabinets, long distance runs and for high band-with demands.

Fibre optic cable is a more fragile cable than Category 5 or 6 cable and therefore needs more care and attention when installing it.

OM1 (62.5/125) is a basic form of fibre cable offering gigabit support for up to 275 metres. OM1 is being replaced by OM2, OM3 and OM4.

OM2 (50/125) has been the most popular fibre of recent years and supports gigabit up to 550 metres.

OM3 can support 10 gigabit transmission up to 300 metre and is quickly becoming the preferred fibre of choice as it allows for future proofing and copes with all modern high demands that organisations now require such as data, voice, video, cctv etc.

OM4 can support 10 gigabit up to 550 metres and 10 gig up to 125 metres. OM4 should ensure that your network infrastructure is fully future proofed.

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We had the team at Data Cabling Installations come in and assist with our recent shop fitting. We needed new access points and new telephone sockets for the re-shape. We were very happy with the work undertaken. Fast, reliable and cleaned up all mess before they left. Great Company.

When our home was being build we had Data Cabling Installations come in and talk to architect about the best place to put our new phone lines and where the best internet service would be. The team were fantastic, very friendly and extremely professional.

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